Year: 2019

Wild Salmon with a Mustard Sauce and “Fall” Garden Fresh Salad

Salmon is one of our weekly go-to meals. Not only is it so simple to prepare, but, as we all know, there are so many health benefits to consuming wild seafood on a regular basis. Wild salmon in particular is an excellent source of high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, B-vitamins, and vitamin D (which our […]

Great Snack Options

Snacks seem to be the hardest part of keeping on track with your goals of leaning out and gaining muscle, yet they are one of the most integral parts of succeeding. Everyone is always asking me for tasty, protein loaded, grab-and-go snacks. I have several options below that are easy to keep on hand, and, […]

Italian Chicken Stew

Simple and Tasty! Here is a great Italian stew full of protein that is sure to fill everyone’s belly and satisfy their taste buds without all of the empty calories. Of course, it would be even better with a great loaf of crusty bread, but then it ruins the value of the meal. Just simply […]


A fall family favorite for those crisp autumn evenings is meatloaf. Surprising right? But this recipe is one that people who don’t typically like meatloaf thoroughly enjoy because the flavor is phenomenal and there are no vegetable chunks in it. I can vividly remember growing up and being at friends’ houses when meatloaf was served […]

Exercise and Nutrition Program Options

The two things we have control over in determining our health out-comes is our diet and exercise. The importance of good nutrition and physical activity is to maintain a healthy weight, prevent chronic disease, and support our mental health. Technology and the internet have given us the opportunity to connect and help each other to […]

Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

With the kids starting school this week, and the piles of zucchini I have coming out of the garden, I made this gluten free zucchini bread to pack in their lunches as a 1st week of school treat. This has also been a great summer goodie to have around the house when guests are in […]

End of Summer BBQ

DRY RUBBED RIBS, BROCCOLI SLAW, AND FRIED YELLOW SQUASH With Labor Day coming up and summer winding down, it gives us one more opportunity to gather with friends and family for a relaxing BBQ to enjoy the nice summer weather. On this final summer weekend of fun and sun, I like to make some of […]

“Montana” Tacos

I grew up enjoying a taco that we called “Montana” tacos. My grandparents lived in Baker, Montana when my Dad was young. My Grandma Dottie got a recipe for taco shells from a friend there that consisted of flour, corn meal, egg, and milk. When I was growing up my grandparents lived with us. Grandma […]